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About Us

The UC San Diego 21st Century India Center (21CIC) at the School of Global Policy and Strategy (GPS) will serve as a world-class hub for the study of modern India and U.S.-India relations in a rapidly changing global strategic and economic landscape. It will spark important research and policy conversations that ultimately could benefit billions of people.

Why It Matters

India is a key force on the international stage. The relationship between India and the U.S. will be an important driver of the prosperity, democracy, health, security and environmental quality of both countries and the world. Still, the common geo-political and economic interests and intersections of the U.S. and India have not been widely studied. The center will be home to research and collaboration aimed at facilitating dialogue and informing policy.


We are in the midst of the Pacific Century, when the intersection of the Americas and Asia is driving global dynamics. GPS is the only school of international affairs and public policy in the U.S. that has made it a mission to be the leading center for teaching, research and public service on the implications of these pivotal relations.

Looking forward, the three-sided interplay of the U.S., China and India will be one of the primary drivers of the region and the world. GPS already has the leading U.S. center for analysis of policy and strategy questions involving China. The India Center will be its counterpart. No other center on India in the U.S. will have the unique constellation of Pacific research and teaching assets of GPS. And, like our 21st Century China Center, 21CIC will mobilize all of UC San Diego’s broad social science and STEM expertise to have empirically driven, rigorous analysis of policy and societal choices facing India and the U.S.-India relationship.

Existing Connections

The campus is already fostering strong partnerships within India, which will set the foundation for the new center’s success. Ongoing work includes:

  • Advising state ministries on administrative effectiveness
  • Research on gender equity in India with the Gates Foundation

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