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The 21st Century India Center is dedicated to empowering India's progress through comprehensive research, cutting-edge education, robust policy development and dynamic action. This is reflected in the breadth and depth of our research across areas of global competitiveness, climate change and sustainability, and inclusive growth. Our esteemed professors, through their innovative studies and insightful findings, contribute to this mission, demonstrated in this repository of all of their research articles, reports and papers on India and U.S.-India relations.

Our research is categorized under three pillars that aim to drive India's transformation into a sustainable, globally competitive and inclusive nation.



Climate Change and

Doctor with people City view of Mumbai Indian workers in the field carrying stacks of hay on their heads

In our quest for a more equitable India, we conduct pioneering research in gender equality, reduction of socio-economic inequalities, and enhancement of healthcare access and quality.

Our researchers are at the forefront of examining how India can leverage technological advancement, fuel economic growth through innovation, influence global competitiveness through trade policies and industry dynamics, and evolve the education system to meet the demands of a rapidly changing future.

Research conducted under this pillar seeks to explore the pathways for India to combat climate change, decarbonize its energy-intensive sectors, evolve electricity markets and respond effectively to the environmental crisis.